Lem Halfmask

Lieutenant in the Sons of Sevarec


Lem Halfmask is an old halfling that has remained almost preternaturally spry for his age. Average in height and weight, the only remarkable things about him are his almost total lack of battle scars and his full dentures which he takes out and places in his pocket before the commencement of any battle with no exceptions.

Lem keeps quiet about himself, preferring to hurl insults at anyone shirking their duty around him, and always carries a pure black Talenta Plains tribal Halfling mask that shows signs of having been broken in half.


Born in 950 YK somewhere in the Talenta Plains, Lem Halfmask joined the Sons of Sevarec in 1018 YK at the age of 68. Despite his age, Lem served well in the Mournlands taking a firm hand with his juniors and subordinates. Especially those that stood taller.

His life prior to the Sons remains a mystery as Lem himself pointedly refuses to speak of it. Many Sons have their own pet theories regarding Lem’s origins and the betting pool concerning the subject has grown to over 2600 gold as of this year.

No one has made mention of his dentures in 5 years since Lem headbutted a fellow Son into unconsciousness after he spouted an off color joke with the fake teeth as the subject.

He is accompanied everywhere by his trained female blink dog Fury.

Lem Halfmask

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