A Winged Kobold


Nubs, named such after his extra appendages, is a simple kobold. He wears only a simple belt and a cloth to cover his loins. Other than the physical gifts which sit upon his back, he is much like the rest of his kind. If you ask him, however, he says he is over a century old. Quite a feat for a Iredar. Nubs is always kept company by his loyal dog, Rock.


From the time his egg was laid, Nubs was considered different from his Iredar brothers. A spotted egg? This is a great omen from the Dragons Three. When he hatched and had nubs on his back, vestigial wings, this was a true blessing to their clan. What could the prophecy hold for this little pup?

As he grew his magics were obviously gifts from Eberron. He was attuned to the earth. Nature bent to his will and he bent to its. As he grew, the clan made him join the blood seers. His gifts with the prophecy were great. When his generation began to die out Nubs realized something, He still felt like a young claw. This is when he realized he should strike out and find proof that kobolds are the true descendants of the Progenitors. Eberron had gifted Nubs with time and he was determined to use it wisely.

As Nubs traveled around Khorvaire, he noticed two large truths. All other kobolds and some scholars saw him as a Irsvern. A legendary kobold of myth. Second, conflict was tearing apart central Khorvaire. Nubs prophesied the Last war, he foresaw a scarring of the land, and now he sees a new conflict rising.

With issues abound, travel became hard and taxing. Nubs needed a way to protect Eberron and find his truth. This was his calling. But what way to do it? Then came the Sons of Sevarec. With his training complete he is ready to see why he was given this gift.


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