Tetran Tarmikos

Stepfather of Bor Tarmikos


The stepfather of the famous Founding Captain of the Sons of Sevarec Free Mercenary Company, Tetran Tarmikos was born just outside Woodhelm, Breland in 970 YK. Largely unaffected by the Last War, Tetran grew up knowing nothing more vexing than a little hunger in the winter and the exhaustion of a day of work cutting trees with his father and siblings.

Married to a local girl named Bessa in 988 YK, Tetran settled down to a quiet life of hard work and hoped for a number of children to fill his home. Unfortunately, that was not to be.

Bessa contracted an illness and Tetran, unable to foot the exorbitant bill demanded by the only healer within several days journey, had to watch his ailing wife expire in their small cottage.

The experience scarred him. He moved away from his family to live a hermit’s life burning charcoal, only seeing other sentient beings once a month when he took his cart into town to sell his goods.

Twelve years passed until, during a rare torrential storm coming off the Barren Sea to the far west, Tetran was awoken by knocking on the door to his isolated hut. Outside in the darkness waited the hulking shape of Uhmra, soaked to the skin with a toddler balanced on her hip.

Tetran awkwardly invited her in to wait out the storm which ended up lasting for days. Umhra unknowingly ignited the desire for companionship in the awkward forest hermit and the two grew together quickly, marrying within six short months together. Tetran adopted young Bor and father three children of his own with Umhra: Thruglar, Hunadall, and Mahlamak.

Bor’s death hit Tetran only slightly less hard than Umhra, but he has found solace in the fact that Bor built something that will long outlast them all. Tetran currently lives on the mercenary company‚Äôs base of operations in a comfortable cottage which itself was built upon the grounds of his simple woodcutter’s hut. Though he swears he could provide for himself and his wife, he has stayed on at the Sons’ compound and allows Captain Helmworth to provide for both him and his wife of almost 30 years.


Tetran Tarmikos

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