Umhra Tarmikos

Mother of Bor Tarmikos


Umhra, like all orcs of her age, has withered slightly from her prime. She counts herself lucky that arthritis, the enemy that eventually conquers all orcs, hasn’t yet affected the joints in her fingers though the same can’t be said of her knees which creak and groan when stressed. The matron of the Sons of Saverec accepts the deference the rough mercenaries show her with easy grace, sometimes drawing herself up to her full, old height of 6’7" and letting the Sons of Sevarec around her glimpse a part of their Founder that is with them still.

DM note: Thanks to whoever found this orc portrait!


Born in 978 YK in the Shadow Marches to a barbarian tribe composed of orcs, humans, and half-orcs, Umhra was forced to leave her tribe under pain of death when she fell pregnant by an adventurer who returned from the Demon Wastes and was deemed too unclean to live. She has refused to speak his name to anyone aside from her deceased son Bor to this day.

Bereft of her family and clan, she wandered Khorvaire first alone and then with an infant half-orc on her hip she named Bor from 997 to 1000 YK when she was allowed to shelter from a storm in Tetran Tarmikos’ simple woodcutter’s hut and never left again. The two were married six months later with Tetran adopting Bor as his own.

Umhra and Tetran had three more children together: Thruglar, Hunadall, and Mahlamak. All of them inherited their mother’s muscular build and stature, but Bor alone surpassed it.

Though still grieved by her son’s passing, she has adopted the Sons of Sevarec as her new clan and continues to live on the mercenary company’s compound in a comfortable cottage graciously provided by Captain Helmworth with her husband of almost 30 years.

Umhra Tarmikos

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